Historie und Meilensteine

Wir haben von Anfang an ein klares Profil

1948 gründete Waldemar Link sein Hamburger Fachgeschäft für Krankenhausbedarf und gab ihm ein klares Profil. Kurz darauf entstanden die ersten chirurgischen Instrumente nach eigenem Design.

Im Jahr 1963 begann schließlich mit der bei LINK entwickelten ersten deutschen totalen Hüftprothese, Modell St. Georg, eine neue
Ära in der Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie. Seitdem ist die Geschichte von LINK eng mit der Evolution der Endoprothetik verbunden.


– Founding of the company in Hamburg, Germany


– The first surgical instruments from our own production


– The name LINK appears at conventions Exposition at the Ophthalmology Congress, Hamburg University


– Initial company headquarters in Hamburg


- Development of company’s own joint prosthesis systems LINK  becomes a pioneer of modern arthroplasty


- First total hip joint prosthesis, St. George® Mark I


- St. George® Sled prosthesis

– St. George® Intracondylar total knee joint prosthesis, Generation I and II


- St. George® Finger joint prosthesis


- St. George® Elbow joint prosthesis

- St. George® Ankle joint prosthesis ?


- LINK expands First company-owned building in Hamburg, Germany

- Total femoral replacement

- Modular system First modular revision system for total femoral replacement 


- Lubinus® Total hip system Innovative stem design


- St. George® Mark II Total hip  prosthesis


- Expansion of  production facilities Implementation of modern production plants in Hamburg-Norderstedt on over 6,000 square meters      

- St. George® Sled prosthesis, Generation II Further development of the model St. George®   

- SP I® Total hip prosthesis The first hip prosthesis stem following the natural anatomy  

- Endo-model® Knee fusion nail The first intramedullary implant for knee treatment  

-  Vario-Cup Prosthesis System                


- SKI® - Knee joint prosthesis system Successful knee joint surface replacement    

- Screw-in acetabularcup, Type K Cementless spherical threaded cup system  

- Endo-Model® Rotational knee prosthesis system Rotational and hinged version for primary or revision surgery   


- Waldemar Link receives the seal of the German society of surgery


- Endo-Model® Saddle prosthesis Unique implant type for major pelvic defects  

- Endo-Model® Sled prosthesis Bone-sparing unicondylar knee system    


- Endo-Model® Total ankle prosthesis

- Screw-in acetabular cup, Type V Cementless cup system, developed by Dr. Heiner Thabe, Bad Kreuznach   


- Lubinus® SPII® Hip joint prosthesis system First anatomically adapted modular hip stem with the best long-term results in the Swedish hip register   

– Ribbed hip system with teeth Proximally fixed, cementless stem with high elasticity    

- Lubinus® Reconstruction hip prosthesis Precursor of the MP® reconstruction stem, later implemented globally  


- Endo-Model® Rotational knee prosthesis system With anti-luxation device


- Endo-Model® Mark III Hip prosthesis system Adapted to the knowledge from SPII®


- T.A.C.K.® Knee prosthesis system Cementless knee joint system    

- Endo-Model® Elbow Prosthesis

- McMinn Acetabular reconstruction cup system 

1987 - 2003

- SB Charite Intervertebral disc* Lumbar intervertebral disc prosthesis used clinically worldwide

*Patent and trademark rights are the intellectual property of DePuy Spine, Inc.


– Endo-Model® Total knee joint prosthesis with hinge axis


- S.T.A.R.® Total ankle joint prosthesis* Natural kinematics-maintaining three-component system  

*Patent and trademark rights are the intellectual property of Small Bone Innovations.

- ComForm® Endosystem Computer-aided production of custom-made prosthesis and anatomic models    


- GEMINI® Total knee replacement First to take account of female as well as male anatomies


- Endo-Model® Modular knee prosthesis system Supplement to Endo-Model® knee joint prosthesis, rotational and hinged version


– Ribbed hip prosthesis system without teeth

-  MP® hip reconstruction prosthesis Cementless – globally successful and pioneering hip revision system 


- DIN ISO 9001 certification


– The first industrial robots are used in production


– Lubinus Classic Plus® Hip joint prosthesis System Cemented straight stem      

– Endo-Model® Mark II Shoulder joint prosthesis            


– Expansion of the production facilities To over 12,000 square meters with a new logistics center   

- VACUCAST® -owned precision foundry In this way LINK  offers uninterrupted quality surveillance from raw material to the finished product       


– C.F.P.®/T.O.P® Hip prosthesis system Cementless – neck retention, bioharmonious short stem hip system


- GEMINI® MK II Modular knee joint prosthesis system Adaptation of knee surface replacement to state-of the-art knowledge    

-  MPH – Modular physiological wrist prosthesis by Thabe Uncoupled or coupled version


- N-VAC® Sterilization Sterilization technique developed to maintain the material integrity of UHMWPE implants


- MITUS® - Minimal invasive technique for the unicondylar sled prosthesis        


- HX® and TiCaP® coatings Promote infiltration and long-term anchoring of bone into the surface structure of the prostheses


- TOOLBOX® Implant Service A special “just in time” service for LINK  customers           

- CAS – computer assisted navigation For various prosthesis systems in collaboration with external suppliers       


- Founding of DERU Our own research and development body within the LINK group of companies


– MIT–H® Minimal invasive surgical technique for hip      

- BetaCone® Cementless total hip prosthesis system Next generation economic straight stem   

– Endo-Model® SL® Rotational and hinged knee prosthesis system Innovative idea for intraoperative flexibility     


- BetaCup® Acetabular cup system with ceramic/ceramic-compounds New generation cementless press-fit cups


– BoneLINK® Bone regeneration material Innovation from bone induction surgery   

– MEGASYSTEM-C® Tumor and revision system New megaprosthesesfor revision and tumor surgery    


– Knee system SL® Novel knee family concept for the highest flexibility within the SL® knee system

-  GEMINI® SL® Knee surface replacement Further development of the GEMINI® fixed-bearing knee prosthesis and new instruments       

- Coating for prosthesis allergies Novel titanium nitride (TiN) and titanium-niobium-nitride coatings for allergy patients      


- CAS-System Computer-assisted navigation with personalized workflow    

- BetaCup® Update Increasing the range of motion (ROM)    

– MIT-K® Minimally invasive surgical technique – knee For the GEMINI® SL® surface replacement    


– Endo-Model® SL® Rotational and hinged knee prosthesis system Update new instruments


- Standard hip products Adding to the hip portfolio with customary LINK quality  

- X-LINKed® Highly crosslinked UHMWPE for acetabular cups and inlays   

- CombiCup SC® and CombiCup PF® Press-fit and screw cups for cementless implantation     

– CombiCup R® Modular, cementless cup for hip joint revision   


– PorEx® (TiNbN = Titanium niobium nitride) Novel anti-allergenic surface modifications

- HX® CaP coattings


– GEMINI® Extrabone instruments

– Improved SPII® instruments