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We concentrate on the essentials ...

Concentrating on the essentials is one of the most important success factors for positive company development - at LINK we are convinced of this. The high innovation rate for LINK products proves it. It is based on the fact that we bundle our resources and focus on our core competencies in knee, hip, tumor and revision prosthetics.

  • The knee joint system SL® was designed for primary care and complex interventions. A considerable advantage for the surgeon lies in its ease of use for a cross-system solution. Identical resection incisions provide the surgeon with the necessary intraoperative flexibility.

  • With the GEMINI® SL® knee surface replacement versions, Mobile Bearing, Fixed Bearing and Fixed Bearing PS, the surgeon can adjust the treatment during the operation to the individual situation.

... take nature as a model ...

  • The anatomical stem with the SPII® Lubinus model® hip prosthesis was introduced into prosthetics in 1984. The curvation of the stem was modeled on the shape of the femoral medullary canal and thus counteracts loosening through rotational forces. To date, the SPII® Lubinus model® has attained unsurpassed good results in the Swedish hip registry.

  • The C.F.P.® was developed as a short stem prosthesis for the specific needs of biologically young patients. Here a cementless anchoring principle and the higher biomechanical loading were especially taken into account.

... create tailor-made solutions ...

  • The MEGASYSTEM-C® features high modularity. It makes partial bone replacement in the proximal and distal femur region possible in 10 mm gradations to total femur replacement.

  • If extreme bone loss has to be compensated special models are indispensable. LINK produces them with the highest precision, based on CT data. The computer-aided ComForm® Endo system was developed for this highly complex challenge. It accompanies production from design to the custom-made prosthesis.

... and offer outstanding solutions.

  • After expanding our hip-portfolio with straight stems and a versatile acetabular cup system, LINK now presents itself as a full service provider in hip prosthetics.

We guarantee timeless quality, constant innovation ...

Since 1948 we at LINK have also dedicated ourselves to the production and distribution of high quality surgical instruments.

... and always go a few steps further.

Materials Research, Development, Production, Service, Quality Management:
At LINK, we will passionately go a few steps further.


GEMINI® SL® Total Knee Replacement

Flexibility during the operation: Mobile Bearing, Fixed Bearing, Fixed Bearing PS

SPII® Anatomical Hip System

Anatomically adapted hip prosthesis stem with convincingly good long-term results

C.F.P.®/T.O.P.® Cementless Hip System

Femoral neck-conserving short stem prosthesis for the special needs of biologically young patients


Modular tumor and revision system