Development of prostheses

We have made development one of our strengths ...

To fulfill our high quality standards we at LINK invest an extremely high number of resources in the development of new prosthetic systems. The high innovation rate among LINK products shows how we often break new ground in the process. Hip arthroplasty systems with femoral neck retention and small-sized surgical access for specifically sparing interventions in patients, are an example of our most recent innovative developments.

... working together successfully with leading clinics and establishments.

In our development enterprise, DERU, a growing team of highly-qualified specialists is searching for improvements to current prosthetic systems and for new solutions. In order that important knowledge flow,  from surgical practice to developmental work, we work simultaneously with leading clinics and establishments. The result is prosthetic systems which have outstanding properties in biomechanics, materials, tribology and kinematics.

All developers at LINK are in direct dialog. In this way individual solutions arise.

LINK® C.F.P.®/T.O.P.® Hip Prosthesis System

A development project from 1998 is the femoral neck preserving C.F.P.®/T.O.P.® hip system

DERU Entwicklung

DERU developers simulate the flux of the C.F.P.® hip prosthesis in the computer