Materials and Surfaces

We go far beyond standard requirements ...

In the production of our endoprostheses, we at LINK® go far beyond national and international standards. We process, without exception, materials of the highest purity, high biocompatibility,  excellent corrosion-resistance and with optimal physical properties.

With metal components, for example, we utilize cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys (CoCrMo) or titanium alloys (Tilastan®). For cementless implant components, we place special value on innovative coatings, which promote accretion of bone cells on the surface structure of the prosthesis and thus lead to long-term anchoring.

... and thus consistently rely on the best material.

We produce synthetic parts from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is especially suitable for use in the human body. With UHMWPE we specifically pay attention to low wear, high stability and resistance to oxidation. Recently in use at LINK is the X-LINKed® polyethylene, a highly cross-linked UHMWPE.  X-LINKed® polyethylene can greatly reduce wear and thus significantly extend the lifetime of the implant components.

At LINK we additionally focus on innovative, microfine coatings, which promote rapid growth of bone into the surface structure of the prosthesis and thus lead to long-term anchoring.

Prosthetic heads and acetabluar cup inserts made from BIOLOX® delta and BIOLOX® forte

Our prosthetic heads and cup inserts made from the extremely wear-resistant high-performance ceramic BIOLOX®*, are characterized by minimal material abrasion and excellent biocompatibility. They reduce the risk of osteolysis and the concomitant risk of early revision. BIOLOX® delta* demonstrates even higher stability than BIOLOX® forte*. The zirconium oxide-hardened, plate-strengthened aluminum oxide ceramic does not age and is classified as bioinert. It has the wear properties and stability of aluminum oxide with clearly improved material stability and strength. BIOLOX® delta contains approximately 74% aluminum oxide and 25% zirconium oxide.

*BIOLOX® delta and BIOLOX® forte are products of CeramTec AG, Plochingen.


400-fold magnification of a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy


400-fold (top) and 2,000-fold (bottom) magnification of a titanium-calcium phosphate coating


400-fold magnification of a titanium-plasma spray layer