Packaging and Sterilization

We place the highest demands on our packaging and sterilization ...

At LINK we are convinced that responsible handling of highly sensitive products is as important as quality manufacturing. Therefore all our endoprostheses are packaged in an ISO class 8 clean room, under conditions similar to those of an operating room. Only afterwards do we hand them over to a certified specialist company for radiation sterilization. We ascertain successful sterilization with validated procedures and continuous monitoring.

...  and set standards

To be able to set standards in this sector, the N-VAC® procedure was developed by LINK. It is considered currently the most recognized procedure for maintaining total material integrity for UHMWPE implants. Radiation sterilization under a vacuum-inert gas atmosphere is gentle on materials, because the oxygen component is further reduced in the process and as a result changes in important material parameters are prevented.

An employee packages LINK products under conditions similar to those in an operating room.

LINK® N-VAC® Sterilization

LINK® N-VAC® maintains total material integrity for UHMWPE implants.