Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique – Hip

The minimally invasive surgery technique MIT-H® is used with instruments specifically developed for it in combination with the bioharmonic, femoral neck preserving LINK C.F.P.®/T.O.P.® hip prosthesis system. In place of a skin incision up to 30 cm long, only a small incision of approxi-
mately 7 cm is necessary. Compared to the conventional surgery technique it reduces tissue damage, speeds up recovery from pain, and quickens patient mobilization. This method makes possible a shorter hospital stay.

MIT-H® – Minimally Invasive Technik with the C.F.P.®/T.O.P.® Hip Prosthesis System

LINK® C.F.P.® Hip Prosthesis Stem

With the C.F.P.® hip prosthesis stem achieves stable, stress-resistant an-
choring of the prosthesis

LINK® T.O.P.® Hip Acetabular Cup

The anatomically compatible, dislocation resistant positioning of the T.O.P.® hip acetabulum is an integral component of the bioharmonic system

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