LINK® BetaCup® Press-fit Acetabular Cup TiCaP®

Cementless hip acetabular cup system with TiCaP® coating

The BetaCup® hip acetabular cup system was specifically designed for biologically young, active patients and represents the modern generation of cementless press-fit hip acetabular cups.  Great attention was paid to patient safety.

The BetaCup® hip acetabular system offers the operator the choice of using either ceramic, UHMWPE- or X-LINKed® UHMWPE inserts. The ceramic inserts in BIOLOX® delta* offer twice
the security against fractures compared to conventional ceramic components.

Thanks to the special design of the metal casing with its highly accurate tapered inner contact surfaces, forces are taken up and transferred uniformly, thus preventing or minimizing pressure peaks. A TiCaP® double coating with osteoconductive calcium phosphate (CaP) on a highly porous surface, ensures optimal primary and secondary implant stability.

BetaCup® Press-fit Cup TiCaP®

BetaCup® Hip Acetabular Cup System

  • Tilastan® Titanium alloy

  • Press-fit fixation

  • TiCaP® double coating (CaP on microporous Ti) for optimal osteointegration

  • Circular flange protecting the cup insert from impingement

  • Ceramic, X-LINKed® UHMWPE and standard polyethylene PE-inserts

  • Secure fixation of PE-inserts by specific anti-rotation stabilizer

  • Spectrum of sizes 46–68 mm in diameter (twelve sizes) 

  • Up-to-date prosthesis head 36 mm in diameter, starting from cup 50 mm in diameter, for efficient tribological pairing and greatest possible bone preservation

* BIOLOX® delta is a product of CeramTec GmbH, Plochingen, Germany.

BetaCup® Overview

Polyethylene or X-LINKed® Insert

BIOLOX® delta Ceramic Insert

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