LINK® McMinn Acetabular Reconstruction Cup

McMinn reconstruction cups consist of metal casings with conical stems to be anchored in the ilium and exchangeable polyethylene inserts. The metal casings are of Tilastan® and are supplied with microporous or hydroxyapatite-coated surfaces.

  • Stem length: 25, 35, 45, 65 and 85 mm

  • Corpus diameters - 45, 50 and 55 mm

  • PE-inserts for 22, 26, 28 and 32* mm head diameters

  • Ceramic inserts for 28-mm ceramic heads, for 50 and 55 mm corpus

  • Optional obturator fixation hooks

*Only size 50 + 55 mm..

McMinn Hip Acetabular Cups in uncemented design

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