LINK® Screw-in Acetabular Cup Systems

Type K and type V

The LINK Screw-in acetabular cup systems are constructed to conform with the biomechanical requirements of the bony acetabulum. They consist of a metal casing and a polyethylene insert. The Tilastan® metal casings are available with a microporous surface or with a HX® coating (CaP).

The choice of suitable implant type (type K or type V) depends on  the condition of the acetabulum.

The positioning of the metal casing (inclination, anteversion) is primarily determined by optimal anchoring in the bony acetabulum. The anti-luxation mechanism on the femoral component is attained through the respective polyethylene insert. This is especially advantageous under dysplastic hip conditions.

Cementless Screw-in Cup, type K

LINK® Screw-in Cups – type K and type V

  •   Tilastan® titanium alloy

  • Screw fixation

  • Microporous or HX® coated variants for different bone qualities

  • Type K (spherical) and type V (tapered) as acetabular adaptation options

  • For standard polyethylene inserts, optional with shoulder (5 and 10 mm)

Cementless Screw-in Cup, type V
  • With snap-lock inserts

  • Spectrum of sizes 48–68 mm in diameter (nine sizes)

  • Suitable for 28 and 32 mm head diameters

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