LINK® T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup


The Link® T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup System (Trabecular Orientated Cup) is specifically designed for biologically young, active patients, and represents the latest generation of cementless press-fit cups. Years of experience with successful implant systems and fixation concepts plus state-of-the-art material and coating technologies went into the design of this new type of cup system. The mediocaudal recess serves to protect the femoral nerve and psoas tendon, while allowing a greater range of motion. The UHMWPE inserts are available in standard and anti-luxation versions. Both versions offer five adjustable rotational positions, and this permits individual alignment according to the particular hip situation.

The LINK® T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup System is available with osteoconductive HX® Calcium Phosphate (CaP) coating, which enables optimal secondary stability to be achieved.

T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup with anti-luxation UHMWPE insert

T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup System

  • Press-fit fixation with maximum bone contact

  • Circular segmental rows of teeth at the cup equator give increased primary stability

  • Metal casing with holes for additional screw fixation

  • Mediocaudal recess allows a wider range of motion and protects the psoas tendon and femoral nerve

  • "Snap-lock mechanism" for secure connection between metal casing and UHMWPE insert

  • Use of the LINK® T.O.P.® II anti-luxation UHMWPE insert prevents femoral head dislocation when the metal casing is at a steep cup entrance angle

  • Metal casing made of Tilastan® titanium alloy

  • Polyethylene inserts in standard UHMWPE and X-LINKed® UHMWPE


UHMWPE insert – Standard – for T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup

UHMWPE insert – anti-luxation – for T.O.P.® II Acetabular Cup

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