LINK® Lubinus Classic Plus®

Hip prosthesis system – the standard in hip joint arthroplasty

The Lubinus Classic Plus® hip joint prosthesis system is in a class of its own. It combines the practical and economic advantages of a modern standard system with the high quality of material and workmanship that have been associated with LINK's name for over fifty years.

All metal components of the Lubinus Classic Plus® system consist of an extremely pure, high-quality CoCrMo alloy, which is ideal for long-term cemented implants. The design is characterized by innovative and advantageous biomechanical parameters, which have a proven positive effect on the long-term anchorage of the prosthesis.

The LINK Lubinus Classic Plus® opens up a new dimension for contemporary standard applications, reflected in ultimate product safety and based on the Lubinus SPII® hip prosthesis that has been in use for decades. Positive results are confirmed in the Swedish Hip Prosthesis Register.

Lubinus Classic Plus®, the modern standard system

Lubinus Classic Plus® Hip Prosthesis Stem

  • Minimal bone resection

  • Large collar support transfers physiological forces to the femur

  • Reliable, reproducible implantation technique

  • Prosthesis heads in four head-neck lengths

  • Anatomical calcar curvature allows physiological force conduction and load transmission

  • Four stem widths for optimal adaptation to individual situations

  • One standard stem length, 150 mm

  • One CCD angle, 126°

  • Taper 12/14 mm

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