LINK® C.F.P.® Hip Prosthesis Stem

Femoral neck preserving, bioharmonic hip prosthesis system

The C.F.P.® hip prosthesis stem* and the T.O.P.® acetabular component form a femoral neck-preserving, bioharmonic hip system for cementless implantation. It was specifically
developed for young, active patients, who will have a higher than average rate of aseptic
loosening with a conventional hip prosthesis, due to long life expectancy.

Taking into consideration principles of biomechanical loading and anchoring, correlating to hip anatomy and physiology, the C.F.P.® hip prosthesis stem achieves stable, stress-resistant an-
choring of the prosthesis and assures the best conditions for later interventions. The anatomically compatible, dislocation resistant positioning of the T.O.P.® hip acetabulum is an integral component of the bioharmonic system.


C.F.P.® Prothesenschaft mit T.O.P. ® Hüftpfanne

LINK® C.F.P.® Hip Prosthesis Stem

  • Minimal bone resection through preservation of the femoral neck and spongiosa compression without removal of cancellous bone in the proximal femur

  • Cementless implantation with up to 87% prosthesis-bone-contact

  • Anatomical stem shape (allowance made for physiological anteversion in the prosthesis stem)

  • Different stem curvatures ensure secure support of the prosthesis at the medial cortical bone

  • Collar allows reintroduction of physiological compression force into the femur

  • Blood supply to the femoral neck maintained through sparing the ramification of the circumflex femoral artery

    *C.F.P. = Collum Femoris Preserving

LINK® BetaCup® Press-fit Acetabular Cup

The modern generation of cementless press-fit ace-
tabular cups. A choice of ceramic, UHMWPE or X-LINKed® inserts obtainable.

LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup

The anatomically compa-
tible, dislocation resistant positioning of the T.O.P.® hip
acetabulum is an integral component of the bio-
harmonic system.

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