LCU® - LINK® Classic Uncemented

Hip Prosthesis Stem

The LCU® hip prosthesis system employs a straight stem with tapered lateral shoulder and osteoconductive coating.
The profile is straight with a rectangular cross-section to give the implant proximal stability. The HX® Coating ensures rapid bony integration. The CCD angle is 130° in standard and 125° in lateralizing type.

LCU® zementfreier Hüftendoprothesenschaft


The following materials and coatings are used for LCU™ hip prosthesis stems:

  • The stem is made from Tilastan® S forged Ti6Al4V alloy.

  • The micro-roughness of the stem’s surface is created by corundum-blasting. This produces a regular and uniform surface micro structure with sufficient roughness for bone integration.

  • A calcium phosphate layer (about 15 μm thick) is applied over the whole length of the prosthesis stem using the LEP (LINK® Electrochemical Process) HX process. This layer encourages homogeneous osseointegration.

The HX Coating is an osteoconductive coating approximately 15 μm thick. The unique electrochemical coating process results in extraordinary mechanical strength of the coating, that enables it to endure the stress of implantation. The porous cell structure of approx. 160 µm on the substrate‘s surface is retained open, due to the thin overcoat and provides an the optimal environment for osteoconduction.

LINK® BetaCup® Press-fit Acetabular Cup

The modern generation of cementless press-fit ace-
tabular cups. A choice of ceramic, UHMWPE or X-LINKed® inserts obtainable.

LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup

The anatomically compa-
tible, dislocation resistant positioning of the T.O.P.® hip
acetabulum is an integral component of the bio-
harmonic system.

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