LINK® Vario-Cup Prosthesis System

Self-centering Vario-Cup prostheses with locking system

The Vario-Cup prosthesis system consists of UHMWPE acetabular components encased in ultra-smooth polished outer metal shells, for articulation in the bony acetabulum. The implants are to be used in conjunction with femur components of LINK total hip systems.

For optimal security against luxation between the Vario-Cup prosthesis and the femoral compo-
nents, an anti-luxation system has been developed. A safety ring of UHMWPE is placed into a slot in the mouth of the polyethylene liner after assembly of the Vario-Cup and femoral components.

Vario-Cup Prosthesis System

  • Less reaction in the acetabulum to the prosthesis than with large cup prostheses due to displacement of the main articulation between prosthesis head and synthetic cup inlay

  • LINK total prosthesis systems allow for variable Vario-head cup combination options

  • Scope for conversion to total hip prosthesis without replacement of the femoral prosthesis component

  • A safety ring provides optimal protection against the risk of dislocation

  • Simple disassembly after extraction of the safety ring in case of implant removal

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