LINK® CombiCup R® Revision Cup

Modular, cementless cup for hip joint revision

The CombiCup R® revision cup is a modular cementless system for revision of acetabular implants where reconstruction of anatomical conditions is not possible with standard components, due to adverse situations such as dysplasia or insufficient bone quality.

CombiCup R® System Description

  • Titanium with porous surface

  • Stable fixation with fixation screws within the acetabulum

  • Anatomically adapted flanges for reliable locking and additional screw connections

  • For CombiCup® inserts made from ceramic (BIOLOX® delta*) and X-PE

  • Optional CombiCup® X-PE inserts with shoulder for increased safety

  • Neutral, angular and lateralizing enhancements for anatomical reconstruction

  • Practice-oriented broad spectrum of sizes 50-66 mm in diameter (five sizes)

    *BIOLOX® delta is a product of CeramTec GmbH, Plochingen, Germany.

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