CAS – Computer-aided Navigation System

In cooperation with external suppliers, LINK offers computer aided navigation systems for various systems and surgical techniques. They simplify the standard surgical procedure and at the same time increase its efficiency. Intraoperative error rates can be reduced. In addition they ensure complete documentation from planning, to implementation, to postoperative surgical validation.

BLU-IGS system

Modern, image-free navigation

The BLU-IGS system (from the company Orthokey) supports precise fit for knee and hip endoprosthesis implantations. It functions with software modules specifically matched to the implant.

Positioning of the prosthesis is based on patient-specific data, recorded by the system, before the first preparatory cuts are made with the digital instruments. The software allows intraoperative evaluation of knee joint kinematics. A delightful space-saving platform serves as the system console with an integrated flat screen and touch screen operation. The interface design is clear and lucid, and available for data transfer. The device is compact, modular and transportable.

  • Visualization of patient-specific anatomy

  • Connecting the planning with the preparatory processes

  • Reducing the number of orientation points that have to be recorded

  • Faster and individualized work processes

  • Intraoperative documentation

MIRO – navigation for minimally invasive implantation of LINK® GEMINI® SL® Total Knee Replacements

A LINK® Knee family concept SL® solution

  • Simulation of ligament tension and implant position

  • Kinematic axis recording

  • Fine-tuning of tibial resection:
    • Varus-valgus-correction
    • Dorsal slope
    • Resection level medial/lateral

  • Femoral resection planning enables tuning and simulation of the resection

  • Fine-tuning of tibial resection:
    • Varus/valgus correction
    • Extension gap
    • Distal resection level

  • Femoral rotation reference:
    • Whiteside's line
    • Epicondyle axis
    • Dorsal condyles

  • Free correction option showing extension and flexion gap

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