LINK® Patella Components

Cemented partial prosthesis for LINK® knee joint systems

The LINK patella posterior surface replacement is a component of the LINK knee joint system and is exclusively supplied in the cementable form. The adapted geometry ensures a high level of congruency with the femoropatellar joint. The instrument set for implantation is also obtainable.

Two different versions are available.

3-pegs Version

  • For GEMINI® SL® surface replacement and Endo-Model® SL® rotational and hinge knee prosthesis

  • 4 sizes in graded heights

  • UHMW polyethylene

1-peg Version

  • For Endo-Model® rotational and hinge knee prostheses

  • Three sizes

  • Height 8 mm

  • UHMW polyethylene

The patella posterior surface replacement is not a methodologically necessary component of knee joint endoprosthesis implantation.

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