Less invasive knee surgery

New approach technology for GEMINI® SL® knee surface replacement that reduces stress on the patient due to extramedullary femoral referencing.

EXTRABONE is a special instrument for a less invasive intervention in the case of total knee replacement. The extramedullary alignment occurs on the basis of preoperative X-ray image planning. The planning data are transferred onto the instrument. As a result, the distal femoral resection is performed without damaging the femoral canal. In addition, alignment errors regarding the mechanical axis and on the coronal and sagittal planes due to incorrect positioning of an intramedullary alignment rod can be avoided.

EXTRABONE enables a simple, reliable and precise opportunity to carry out the distal femoral resection without opening the femoral canal. This instrument equally makes alignment possible in the event of pronounced femoral deformities, in the case of recumbent long-stem prostheses following a total hit replacement, and in the presence of osteosynthetic material or intramedullary nail treatment.

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