Minimally invasive surgery technique – knee

This technique causes the least amount of trauma for the patient, creating advantageous conditions for faster healing and a shorter rehabilitation period following joint replacement, since the pain is less. The inpatient stay is likewise reduced through minimally invasive procedures for implantation.

MIT-K® achieves a high level of conservation and produces assured reproducible results. This is supported by the user-friendly MIT-K® basic instrumentation yielding precise guidance during practical handling. Optional computer assisted navigation BLU-IGS (from the company Orthokey) facilitates precise alignment of the axes and positioning of the resection guides.

The MIT-K® is a solution within the context of the LINK® SL® Knee Family Concept for use with LINK® GEMINI® SL® surface replacement for cementable or cementless primary implantation.

MIT-K® Minimally Invasive Technique Knee

  • Minimal traumatization of the patient during the intervention

  • Sparing of ligaments and muscular attachments

  • Virtually non-impaired muscular stabilization after the intervention

  • Standardized technique for reproducible results


Computer aided navigation for minimally invasive surgery technique

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