LINK® Hallux Fixator Internal

Osteosynthesis implant for correction of Hallux–valgus malalignments and deformities

The LINK internal hallux fixator according to Stoffella is a dynamic osteosynthesis implant, which is used in distal osteotomy of the first metatarsal bone for correction of malalignments of the hallux valgus.

The osteotomy according to Stoffella is a subcapital angular osteotomy of the first metatarsal in a plane with arms opened in a distal direction at an angle of 90°–120°. The metatarsal head is impacted without any additional incisions, by moving, tipping and turning it into the desired position. Since the fragments do not require a surface contact but merely an osseous contact at two points, lateralization up to the width of the medullary canal is possible.

LINK® Hallux Fixator Internal according to Stoffella

  • Reliable correction of high-grade hallux malalignments

  • Stable osteosynthesis also for correction up to the width of the medullary canal

  • Three-dimensional position correction without additional incisions through bone contact at specific points

  • Mobilization is carried out wearing normal shoes with free mobility and without any fixed bandages

  • Functional loading as a feature of the osteosynthesis technique substantially reduces rehabilitation time through early, pain-free mobilization

  • 3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm offset

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