LINK® Ellis Mini-Fixator External

Flexible fixator for hand and foot surgery

The LINK Ellis external mini-fixator facilitates safe and economic treatment of hand and foot fractures or osteotomies. The construction has advantages over conventional fixators. It achieves stable and direct fixation with bone fixator pins, without force transferal-reducing spacers. The fixator pins can be shaped intraoperatively so that primary anatomical fixation of fractures is possible. The LINK Ellis external mini-fixator is also obtainable with a bone lengthening component, which lengthens smaller tubular bones.

LINK® Ellis External Mini-Fixator

  • Small and light-weight

  • Direct fixator pin/threaded rod connection

  • Simple, robust construction

  • For versatile use

  • Economical

  • Three basic components:
    • Fixator pins
    • Threaded rods with one or more
    • Fixation nuts
    • Two system sizes: 1.5 mm
       (hand surgery) and 1.9 mm
       (wrist, ulna and foot surgery)

  • Smooth fixator pins or obtainable with thread

  • Optional use of straight or angled connectors for assembling several threaded rods

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