LINK® Bone Cerclages

Wire tightener/twister, bone cerclages and Thabe titanium cerclage band

LINK® Wire Tightener/Twister

With the LINK wire tightener/twister, the fixation wire is first tightened around the bone and bone plate, then twisted and finally severed.

LINK® Wire Tightener/Twister
  • Obtainable as a complete instrument set

  • Small fragment wires up to 0.8 mm in diameter

  • Standard model wires up to 1.0 mm in diameter

  • Heavy model wires up to 1.6 mm in diameter

LINK® Bone Cerclages with locking mechanism

The lock is firmly positioned at one end of the stainless steel cerclage band. It is tightened with a Spanner Key. A toothed gear is present in the lock preventing the Cerclage from coming loose.

LINK® Bone Cerclage with locking mechanism
  • Length: 165 mm, width: 5 mm

  • Material: stainless steel

  • A complete bone cerclage instrument set in a container is also obtainable

LINK® Titanium–Cerclage Band according to Thabe

The Thabe titanium-cerclage band offers an effective and easy way to treat fractures of the femur. Compared to wire cerclage systems, the wide contact surface of the cerclage band distributes the pressure over a larger surface area and prevents cutting of the cerclage into the bone. The corrugated portion of the cerclage band preserves the periosteal blood supply. This is essential to the revitalization of fracture fragments or transplanted bone. Titanium is biocompatible, allowing the cerclage to remain in the body longer.

LINK® Titan–Cerclage nach Thabe
  • Material: biocompatible titanium

  • Width: 5.8 mm, Length: 240 mm

  • Crimped at the Cerclage lock

  • Reduced impairment of the blood supply in the periost through a corrugated, 3.5-cm-long portion facing the bone at the lock

  • Hole to receive the pin of the Cerclage Band Pliers or the pin of the Cerclage Band Tighteners

  • Fixation by turning the headless screw inside the lock

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