LINK® Fixation Staples

For reliable refixation

Die LINK fixation staples are constructed so that reliable refixation of cartilage-bone fragments and ligament injuries can be done, both for the open and for the transarthroscopic surgery technique. Their fine construction brings about minimal trauma to cartilage and bone. They are available in two versions. Both have striations on the external sides of the staples, which prevent migration and ensure that they sit firmly.

Fixation Staples without prongs

LINK® Fixation Staples

  • Material: CoCrMo

  • Obtainable in four sizes

  • Obtainable with or without additional fixation prongs

  • Implants and instruments obtainable as a set in a container

    Use of fixation staples with prongs on the upper internal side of the staple additionally strengthens the fixation.

Fixation Staples with prongs

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