LINK® Endo-Model® Elbow Prosthesis

Anatomically and functionally optimized implant system

The LINK Endo-Model® elbow prosthesis is a further development of the St. George® total elbow joint endoprosthesis, which enables clear optimization of the surgical technique.

Biomechanical research has shown that when the humeroradial joint fails, the level of stress in the humeroulnar joint is significantly higher. Therefore all joint components were incorporated when the Endo-Model® elbow prosthesis was constructed. The prosthesis integrates a fully constrained hinge for the insertion of the humeroulnar joint with an unconstrained replacement of the humeroradial joint. In this way the acting forces are widely distributed. Even movements with more severe slanting of the radius head or eccentric rotational shifts are possible.

The LINK Endo-Model® elbow prosthesis system provides an alloplastic replacement of the humeroradial joint through a modular radius head, which articulates with a humeral gliding surface at the elbow prosthesis.

LINK® Endo-Model® Elbow Prosthesis

  • Material: Cobalt-chromium alloy according to ISO 5832/4, polyethylene according to ISO 5834/2

  • Anatomically adapted construction

  • Right/left version

  • Three model sizes

  • Humeral components with stems with a valgus setting of 9° and lateral flanged supports

  • Hinged axis with polyethylene bearings

  • Radius head component with anchoring stems obtainable in various lengths

  • Additional 5 mm spacers are available for bone replacement on the radius

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