LINK® Radius Head Component

Implant for replacement of the proximal end of the radius

The radius head, as a component of the humeroradial joint and the proximal radioulnar joint, plays an important role in valgus stress. Resection impairs mobility of the elbow, lowers force distribution, and inhibits load transfer over the lower arm and the elbow.

If internal fixation of the radius head fracture is not possible, the LINK radius head component presents an anatomical and functional solution for prolonged instability of the elbow and lower arm. The prosthesis heads are highly polished inside and outside and curved to the shape of the capitulum humeri. The anchoring stem is at an angle to the prosthesis head, and corresponds naturally to the the medullary cavity in the proximal radius.

LINK® Radius Head Component


  • Made from CoCrMo in accordance with ISO 5832-4
  • Available in four sizes (20–26 mm)

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