LINK TOOLBOX - Our implant service for you

Save yourself time and money with our TOOLBOX Implant Service: We will supply you with a large selection of LINK implants and hygienically reprocessed instruments - tailored to the specific indication.

The products you order will be clearly arranged in the blue TOOLBOX, which we deliver to you in good time for your planned surgery date, and collect again afterwards.

The advantage of our TOOLBOX Service is that it saves you storage space and also eliminates the cost of repair and maintenance. Our product specialists will be pleased to advise you on your choice of implants and instruments.  If you are interested, simply contact us.

Service for the surgeon up to the operation. Our LINK Toolbox

Available prosthesis systems


  • LINK C.F.P. Hip Prosthesis Stems
  • LINK T.O.P. II Acetabular Cups
  • LINK Thabe Titanium Cerclage Band
  • LINK Lubinus SP II Hip Prosthesis Stems
  • LINK SP II Long Stems
  • LINK SP-CL Anatomically Adapted Hip System
  • LINK Lubinus and IP Polyethylene Acetabular Cups
  • LINK Standard C Hip Prosthesis System
  • LINK Standard C Cem Hip Prosthesis System
  • LINK Standard D Hip Prosthesis System
  • LINK Standard P Hip Prosthesis System
  • LINK Standard M Hip Prosthesis
  • LINK CombiCup Acetabular Cup System
  • LINK Pelvis Support Type RR & Type RC Acetabular Roof Support Ring & Acetabular Roof Support Tray


  • LINK MP Reconstruction Prosthesis
  • LINK CombiCup Acetabular Cup
  • LINK Sleeve Revision Set



  • LINK Endo-Model Rotational Knee Prosthesis, standard
  • LINK Endo-ModelRotational Knee Prosthesis, modular
  • LINK Endo-Model Total Knee Prosthesis with Hinge Axis
  • LINK GEMINI SL Total Knee Replacement
  • LINK Endo-Model Sled Prosthesis Standard/Minimally Invasive OP (MITUS)
  • MIRETO Endo-Model Instrument Set
  • LINK Endo-Model Knee Fusion Nail SK
  • LINK Patella Resurfacing Components



  • LINK Stoffella Internal Hallux Fixator
  • LINK Bankart Instrument Set for Shoulder Surgery