Istruzioni generali per l’uso

H44 :Instructions for Use Implants

Name: H44-009-2020-03_screen.pdf
Misura: 954 KB

Informazioni aggiuntive sul prodotto, sistema di container sterili

Name: H-0091_2021-03_005-S.pdf
Misura: 272 KB

165-119: Instructions for Use LINK LCU Hip System, cementless

Name: IFU-EU-165-119-2020-03-27-001_S.pdf
Misura: 1 MB

180-248: Instructions for Use Screw-in Acetabular Cup Systems Type V and K

Name: IFU-EU-180-248-2021-03-19-001-S.pdf
Misura: 1 MB

H50-007: Reprocessing instructions Instruments

Name: H50-007-2020-11_A4.pdf
Misura: 2 MB

642-038: Instructions for Use LINK Embrace Shoulder System

Name: IFU-EU-642-038-003-2020-06.pdf
Misura: 2 MB

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