LINK® Custom-made Implants

Tailor-made individual prostheses

Every LINK prosthesis reflects the highest precision craftsmanship and modern engineering technique, to provide a perfect fit. Our extensive supply of standard products, however, may not work in some cases. For example, when the femur has to be completely replaced or if a knee joint which has been destroyed by a widespread tumor, makes a larger resection necessary, special designs are often the only solution. These are developed and produced by experts at LINK in close collaboration with users.

The basis for each special design is generally an X-ray or CT-image for precise measurement of the bone to be replaced. At the request of the physician, a three-dimensional model is made out of PU foam using CT images. Following approval of the physician, the prosthesis is mechanically shaped and finished by computer navigation. A planned surgical model accompanies all production steps, from design to the made-to-measure prosthesis.

A model of the preoperative bone situation is produced from PU-foam based on computer-generated 3D images.



Special designs are not subject to free merchandise traffic and are only produced specifically for a named patient following a physician's prescription. Therefore they do not carry a CE-label.

Scapula Prosthesis

Custom-made of a shoulder blade prosthesis

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