GEMINI SL Total Knee System with SPAR‑K Instruments
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The GEMINI SPAR-K Instruments

meet the need of today’s knee surgeons2
The GEMINI SPAR-K Instruments
  • are clear and easy to use
  • are intuitive and efficient instruments.
  • assure precise and reliable bone resections2
SPAR-K Instruments
for GEMINI SL Total Knee System

The instruments assure precise and reliable bone resections.2,3

The GEMINI SPAR-K Instruments are designed to help the surgeon to consistently achieve optimal outcomes. They enable the surgeons to precisely control the implant position and fit for each patient.2

The GEMINI SPAR‑K Instruments allow a variety of surgical options such as:

  • Femurs first
  • Tibia first
  • Gap balancing2
The colour coded actuators, the quick set/release functions and the single layer trays, allows for:
  • A potential reduction of the learning curve
  • Reduced effort throughout the surgical process
for both surgeon and scrub-tech personal2

Surgical technique

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GEMINI SL Knee System

*GEMINI SL Mobile Bearing knee system is not approved by the FDA for distribution in the United States.

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